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Bassinettes are small portable beds for infants up to five months old especially designed with mattresses so as to promote maximum comfort. Bassinettes are also called Moses baskets, named after the biblical figure Moses, who was placed in a basket and left to wade the waters of the River Nile. These bassinets can be carried from room to room to ensure the baby's safety.

What to look for in bassinettes

It is crucial for parents to make certain that the bassinettes they are going to buy are sturdy and safe for their babies. Bassinettes should have a strong and wide base to avoid toppling over. Legs and wheels should be able to lock while the baby is inside. Check bassinettes for sharp edges that may hurt the baby.

Avoiding SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS is associated with loose-fitting mattresses because these could cause suffocation. A good way to test the firmness of the mattress is to insert two fingers between the mattress and the bassinettes. If it fits, it means the bassinettes may be too small. If you can indent the mattress using your forefinger, the mattress is too soft. These two conditions can lead to a higher risk for SIDS, and therefore should be considered in purchasing bassinettes. At night, it is advisable to transfer bassinettes in the parents' room so that the baby can be checked frequently.

The makers of bassinettes

Cariboo, Valco Ricco, and Swallow are just some of the companies that manufacture bassinets. For bassinets with strollers, Steelcraft is a good choice, although it may be heavy and bulky.

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